The Ultimate Tip Guide To Having The Best Family Photoshoot

March 14, 2024

You’ve just scheduled and secure your family photoshoot. Now you are thinking what do I need to do next? What should I expect? How can I prepare for the shoot? These are all valid questions, but I know these can be overwhelming. So I thought I would share my expertise and give you an ultimate tip guide to having the best family photoshoot. Let’s get into it!

Prepare For Your Family Photoshoot

It’s always great to have a basic preparation for your shoot. The first thing is to make sure you plan your hair, nail, and any other appearance appointments locked and sealed. Brainstorm about any props, mementos, or any other special things you want to bring to your shoot. Give these two things planned out ahead so you are not rushing last minute.

Simply prepare your kids. I say simply, because we want to involve our kids not overwhelm them. Have a laid-back approach about it. Tell them that we going somewhere on a nice day where they can play and enjoy the environment. Keep it light and causal.

Prepare your clothing for the family. Clothing is SO important for a shoot. I offer styling advice before my photo sessions. It’s amazing how the colors make a photo. We want to choose earth tones that will complement the sessions surroundings. I’m here for all the texts and emails to brainstorm possible outfit choices before the session because it truly makes a difference!

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Be on time

Every session I shoot is tailored around the sun. The sun can be the most flattering or unflattering depending on the time of your session. Aim to arrive 15min before your session time to guarantee we get those golden photos! Trust me on this one!

Start your family shoot with a gratitude mindset

Ask yourself, why are you here for this session today? It’s not for the perfectly posed family picture. It’s to freeze these moments that you can’t get back. These precious moments won’t last forever. Play with your kids, make them laugh and let go of the thought of perfection. Just live in the moment and I will take the pictures of your genuine smiles and emotions so you can keep them forever.

Be sure your kids are rested and fed

I know this can be obvious but sometimes during chaotic days, these can be missed. If your child naps, be sure to allow enough time to take their full nap and extra time to eat and get into their outfits. Another tip is to bring snacks — we all know these little ones burn calories like theres no other! Happy bellies, happy kids.

Be prepared to play and let your kids be kids

I want to capture your authentic and genuine relationships. The best way to capture these is through movement. So get ready to laugh and move for your session with me! Actually I encourage your kids to play and be themselves. I believe capturing the truest of smiles is the most important for family sessions. After all, you are having these pictures made to remember this current season in life. To freeze time when your youngest is learning to twirl and your oldest is missing their two front teeth! The last thing I want is for you to see a photo later and remember yelling at your kids for that “perfectly posed picture.” We have all been there and I’m hoping to change the stigma of “robotic” family pictures. Life is too short for fake smiles!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Come relaxed and know that I will get the shots you will love. If you are anxious and nervous, your children will likely feed off of that energy. Don’t sweat it and you will all look natural in your photos. I encourage my clients to be themselves. Very little posing goes into my sessions. Photos are meant to capture the moment not an unrealistic perfectly posed picture. Be the parent who loves and absolutely adores their children, which I know that you are!

Relax and have fun

Remember the main focus of your shoot — capture the love of your family. This is another opportunity to bond with your family and little ones. Let me do all the work. I got you! I’ve been through so many different situations as a photographer that has allowed my skills to grow and be super confident in shooting families. It is one of the areas I am most passionate about in my photography. I make sure your investment is a solid one. Here to walk you through every step of the process!

I hope this was helpful for you as you plan your family photo session! These tips are easy and it will make such a huge difference in your photography shoot. If you’re in need of a Seattle family photographer,  contact me here!


xoxo, Lauren

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