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the best way not to forget your babies being small

The best way to not forget your babies being small

you value time

You value time

life's little luxuries. beautiful experiences. relationships that matter. true connection. The gift of life

capturing what matters most to you

You know tomorrow isn't promised. You see those around you and even though life isn't perfect you know each person is a gift.

And since tomorrow isn't promised, you have vowed to live as best as you can, cherishing, growing, loving big. That's why you choose to work with me. I value relationships and know each day is a gift. I want to celebrate these gifts with you and capture them as beautifully as you'd remember them.



Laid back & Fun! I walk with you through all stages of your life. You wedding, pregnancy, new baby life and family life, capturing the relationships you’re grateful for. I serve the Greater Seattle Area and available to travel, With gratitude and joy, and in laid back luxury, I help you save those memories so you can look back on your life and remember your sweetest blessings! 

Lauren’s genuine warmth and good humor brought such a great energy to our time together.

—  Dana

WE WERE           WITH OUR IMAGES — THEY WERE UTTERLY,                      


uniquely us.

—  GREY, 2020 Groom

behind the lens

MEET Lauren

Clients tell me I'm incredibly patient and I am so fun to shoot with. I think that's because my best self shows up to capture you. To me, photography is my gift from God. I show up to every session excited, with my full heart, ready to talk about life and create joy-filled memories of you. I create a space where you can be free and also feel seen and allow time to slow down. Loving people is my core value. Building deeper relationships is what I do.  It's more than a photo session with me, it's fleeting family time, documented. All the sweetest parts of your life and even the mundane, I see the beauty in what you've created. Photographing you is my privilege that I don't take lightly! That's why I am so thankful you're here!

Capturing your real                   
  not your perfect

Capturing your real

your perfect


Permission to be you!