3 Reasons Why You Should Book A Lifestyle Newborn Session

February 1, 2024

Taking a lifestyle newborn session is probably the last thing on your mind because you are sleep-deprived, healing, and quite honestly exhausted (trust me, I have been there!) However, I am here to tell you not to leave your newborn photos up to chance! You want to freeze this moment and have forever beautiful photography shots of their first months in this world. 

I’ve often had moms tell me their friend knows how to use a camera and will take their newborn photos. I only hope they get classic, beautiful, timeless images to remember the feeling. Welcoming a newborn into the world is a huge occasion in a parent’s life! It’s filled with awe, joy, and even an overwhelmed feeling! 

As parents navigate the early days of parenthood, many feelings arise; one likely will be, “Omg, they’re so tiny and precious!” Are newborn session photos worth the investment? Let’s chat about why professional newborn photos are not just a cost but an overall investment in the most monumental memories of your life.

#1 This is the tiniest your newborn will ever be

Photographs of your newborn show your baby’s innocence, vulnerability, and pure beauty in their earliest days, and you don’t want to lose that moment. From the time of your shoot to the three weeks post-delivery of your photos, your baby will have already undergone many changes and growth spurts. Therefore, you will miss that perfect moment in time. Savor the moment and capture those little toes, hands, and face of your newborn.

#2 It will remind of positive thing and encourage you as a parent

Let’s face it: this time is hard, but one thing is sure: these photos will ignite the positive things about being a mother, father, and family. Photos are a way of savoring how they felt, how they smelled, and how you created this most precious thing in your life. Photos that make you think that all over again, and you will reflect fondly over this time. Let your growth inspire you. Use it to rekindle your flame.

#3 These newborn session photos will live on forever

What in your life grows in appreciation over time? Your car? No. Your clothes? No. Some material meaningful things may do, but photos withstand the end of time. As time progresses, the value and appreciation heightens and becomes precious. You’ll look back and value them every time for years and years to come. These become treasured family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. They create a visual legacy that connects family members across time and strengthens family history. 

From the moment your newborn opens their eyes, life will grow in so many ways, but one thing that will not change is your love for your baby: you’re forever baby. Don’t we always say, “You will always be my baby?” Well, in that case, let’s capture that moment so you will always have them that way in the photo. Remember your life’s most meaningful moments. That’s worth the short-term investment. Invest in creating a legacy of love and a physical heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Hi, I’m Lauren, A Seattle Newborn and Lifestyle Photographer. If you are looking for an at-home newborn session, studio lifestyle newborn session, or something anything involving documenting this precious moment in time — I’m your girl! My passion is help families get the most authentic and genuine family lifestyle photos that you will love forever!

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